free write

hey I am going to free write on Dylan Armstrong. Dylan is an interring figure. He’s funny and makes random noise during class and sluffs class jk jk jk jk jk but maybe he does  I don’t know. He’s friends with ike and ike is the funniest human not alive. And Dylan were black vans and he loves chick fila  Dylans Kida of a vibe and so is ike and so is Dwane the pebble  but the all  like skate also we are all pretty scared of Dylan because he is terrifying and probaly going to murder me in my sleep jk jk jk.

guess what it is

ok we are going to do a  guess what it is so go


could you guess what all of them were lets find out what you got



  1.  lockers
  2. hand sanitizer container
  3.  this weird viking guy
  4. the pe door
  5. one of the lunch tables
  6. the caution tape
  7.  water bottle refill
  8. key card scanner

how many did you get right?

school review

The school I go to is called dpms and its pretty cool. we have to go to class and it sucks but yeah we have a good time.

Some of the things that happed here are fights. We’ve had a lot of fights. Most of them happed at the beginning of the year but the most recent one was yesterday march 1st. But we also get in trouble by the principle and I got a photo of it

I know that’s terrifying totally not planned and edited. any way dpms is a pretty cool school and we play a lot of sports.

review of clothes

today I’m going to write a review of clothes I think kids my age would wear.

I’m going to start of by saying blazers legit all kids in middle school where’s or want blazers. a lot of skaters where blazer because they look cool and there easy to where you can do a lot of things in them like skate. another thing they where is hoodies I don’t know where this hoodie obsession came from but every body where’s them there Easy to put on and they have cool designs on them but blazers and hoodies are things all 7th graders where or want to where

free write v 2

hey guys im  doing a free write today

what my free write is about is why you should drive a stander over an automatic

first off I will say I would drive a standard over an automatic the reason I think this is because standers are just cooler and they make you look cooler and its harder to learn but if you do you can drive all cars and you never find a fast car that is an automatic that being said automatics aren’t bad but I think standers are way cooler  tell me what you think between the two

crazy times

hey I’m just going to talk about the crazy times where in and how it affected me personally

Before covid I would go every where without thinking of getting sick just go on the train and walk around and do whatever now ever senses covid happened I cant go any where I cant go with friends I cant hang out I cant ride the train I cant go into stores and masks are really annoying I cant see my family and cant see anybody now every bodies at risk and we cant travel or see are grandparents it super sucks


20 before 20

here are 20 things I want to do before I’m 20.

  1. skydive
  2. land a tre flip
  3. go to japan
  4. get a jdm
  5. travel
  6. be cracked at snowboarding
  7. go to Moab and go biking
  8. go to whistler
  9. go to Canada
  10. go out of country
  11. get a Santa Cruz mtb
  12. be cracked at mountin biking
  13. drive a standard
  14. make a lot of money
  15. work at chickfila
  16. drive an s13
  17. own my own car
  18. be rich
  19. vacation a lot
  20. sleep a lot

I hope you enojied 20 things I want to do before im 20

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